HomeServe EMEA was created in January 2023 after HomeServe’s acquisition by Brookfield Infrastructure partners.

HomeServe EMEA helps customers solve everyday problems in and around their homes in the UK, France, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Germany and Japan.

We provide 24/7 customer support and do 4 jobs every minute for our 3.6 million Members. We have 5,100 directly employed staff and 10,000 expert tradespeople at customers' disposal. We work with 70 utility and other affinity partners and own approximately 60 local HVAC businesses. As customers spend more time and money on energy efficiency, we will be on hand to help them make their homes comfortable, sustainable and efficient.

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  • partners

  • employees

  • jobs completed per year

  • HVAC acquisitions

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Last updated March 2023
(started operations in 1993)
  • 1.4m Membership customers
  • 23 Partners
  • 2,570 Employees
  • 744k Jobs completed per year
  • 8 HVAC acquisitions
  • 6.4k HVAC installs
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(started operations in 2001 (France) and 2021 (Belgium)
  • 1.2m Membership customers
  • 19 Partners
  • 1,131 Employees
  • 173k Jobs completed per year
  • 28 HVAC acquisitions
  • 9.8k HVAC installs
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(started operations in 2007 (Spain) and 2020 (Portugal)
  • 1.0m Membership customers
  • 18 Partners
  • 2,051 Employees
  • 1,603k Jobs completed per year
  • 25 HVAC acquisitions
  • 6.0k HVAC installs
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(started operations in 2022)
  • - Membership customers
  • - Partners
  • 212 Employees
  • n/q Jobs completed per year
  • 4 HVAC acquisitions
  • 1,0k HVAC installs
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(started operations in 2019)
  • 0.1m Membership customers
  • 5 Partners
  • n/q Employees
  • m/q Jobs completed per year
  • - HVAC acquisitions
  • - HVAC installs
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Complementing HomeServe EMEA, our Home Experts businesses help homeowners choose reliable trades.

Beyond EMEA, HomeServe North America serves customers in the USA and Canada