The customer is at the heart of everything we do. Customer satisfaction drives retention and retention drives revenue, so strategy and responsible business are aligned.

Membership and HVAC

Across our Membership and HVAC product lines, customer-centricity is achieved in three ways:

  • outstanding products and services for homeowners
  • systems and processes that support and enhance every customer experience
  • effective feedback and decision making to ensure the customer always comes first

Responsibility for our customer focus rests with business unit CEOs; but of course, every member of our team takes a customer-centric approach.

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UK Customer Promises

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US Customer Promises

Home Experts

Across our Home Experts product line our customers are tradespeople. Here our goals are as follows:

  • to create the largest trades network in the world
  • to partner with trades throughout their careers, from apprenticeship to direct employment to building their own business
  • to promote alignment between trades’ interests and our own through our operating model


Our established Membership businesses use surveys to assess customer satisfaction around three touchpoints: sales, engineer/contractor work, and claims handling.

Each business has developed their own measurement KPI based on what is most appropriate for the business, it is either a percentage of dissatisfaction or a 5-star satisfaction rating, and some of our businesses track both. Customer satisfaction scores are subject to exacting performance targets, which are, in turn, central to senior executive and management bonus schemes.

In our newer HVAC and Home Experts businesses we are in the process of implementing formal measurement and governance processes.