It all starts with people …

  • Our leaders are ambitious first and foremost for our business - not themselves.
  • They display an ever-improving track record of making decisions that deliver long-term greatness.
  • They give credit to others for success, and take responsibility for failure.
  • They inspire others through courage, persistence and integrity - not just charisma.
  • Our culture values substance over style, integrity over personality, results over intentions.
  • We engage in open dialogue and debate to reach the right decision, and once a decision is made, we unite behind it to ensure success.

… who lead with Courage, Persistence and Integrity

I lead with Courage

  • I believe in our strategy, keep things simple and strive for great results and continuous improvement.
  • I am decisive, speak my mind and confront challenges.
  • I value innovation, “failing fast” and learning from experiences.

I lead with Persistence

  • I work hard, do my best, take responsibility and am accountable for delivering results.
  • I am optimistic, have a “can do attitude” , choose action and make things happen.
  • I am resilient when faced with setbacks, collaborate and find solutions.

I lead with Integrity

  • I am honest, act with integrity and seek the truth.
  • I value open communication and debate and listen respectfully to challenges and opinions.
  • I act with humility and openness and embrace diversity to build great teams.